Bespoke Freelancing by Carolien Stapper is synonymous with professional services of high quality and totally tailored in advice, consulting, management and administration for your SME or your particular project, whether for work or personal purposes. Carolien Stapper can help you if you need punctual or permanent assistance to lighten, systematise and develop your business and take it to the next level with the help of qualified freelancers and the maximum confidence. Our portfolio of functions is also adapted to individual requirements.


  • Preparation of documents in any medium.
  • Creation of databases.
  • Management of mass mailings by email.
  • Improvement of the commercial capacity of the entrepreneur, the small or medium business.
  • Advice for the creation of new products.

Marketing and Communication:

  • Implementation or development of a commercial communication strategy for the autonomous professional, small and medium enterprises.
  • Selection of the best supports for marketing and communication actions.


  • Standardisation of processes to implement quality and gain efficiency.
  • Preparation of operations and corporate manuals.
  • Implementation of measures and quality plans.
  • Analysis of areas of improvement with proposals for resolution.
  • Consulting for the development and expansion of the business.
  • Reorganisation of the company.
  • Organisation of events: meetings, product presentations / new premises, corporate  and private celebrations.

Administration and accounting:

  • The issue and accounting of invoices.
  • Accounting audit.
  • Optimisation of personal or business accounting.
  • Management and control of collections and payments, mediating with customers and suppliers.
  • Procedures with financial entities.
  • Decreasing the accumulation of pending documents or emails.

Hiring freelancers for the tasks outlined has many advantages, among which is the access to expert services at a lower cost than if they were part of your internal staff. Add to this the flexibility, agility and adaptation to the needs and possibilities of each client, with a guarantee of professionalism and speed in the execution of all tasks.

Bespoke Freelancing by Carolien Stapper offers personalised support for the entrepreneur, the SME or the individual who needs to have a close and solid team working together to implement their projects.

Contact us by calling (+34) 628 478 508 or by writing to carolien@carolienstapper.com and we will create your tailor-made proposal.